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Monday, January 17, 2011

When your weekend goes crazy; shoot somebody

With a camera of course. Then study that photograph for a few minutes and make mental notes about things you like about it and things you wish you could have changed before you took the shot. Digital photography allow us that change; yet we sometimes still bypass the opportunity to get it right for whatever reason. How can we get around this mental block?

1. By having a strong idea of what it is you want to capture ahead of time

2. By having the time to do a preshoot check (canvasing the area ahead of time, making small adjustments, directing the subject into how you see the shot).

3. By taking advantage of that opportunity that digital photography affords us; look at it and take it again (and again and again) until you get exactly what it is you know you want.
After the dreaded and disappointing lost of my favorite NFL team to its rival yesterday, I was totally bummed. Luckily I also had a photoshoot scheduled, which completely took my mind off of all the bashing I was due to receive as a result of my team bragging. Somehow I did manage to develop "this look" that I knew I wanted to shoot, and it was so clear in my head; a blueprint of what this shot was going to look like, and I got it, and was quite pleased. Pleased enough to do some editing, get a bite to eat and get a good night's rest and dream of other ideas I want to shoot. Hopefully this advice will serve someone. Maybe some of it might sound like something you already heard before but just never did. Well consider this is your second chance to get it right.

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