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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Focusing on Fashion

So one of my biggest focuses this year in 2011, is to get published in bigger and bigger fashion magazines. It's amazing because a fee days ago I had just twittered (follow me on Twitter: bluestilling101) that I was bored and needed a contest to enter. Incredibly, suggestions that poured in from total strangers made me appreciate how far technology in the right hands, can take us. I eventually ended up here: , the answer to two desires. I immediately began making phone calls, checking, then rechecking resources, and networking to ensure that I have an undefeatable A-team of go-getters, to bring home the gold. My right-hand man is back from deployment, we spent the day consulting and test shooting for this contest, while accomplishing work for one of my most loyal clients; ALTOM ( I shot model Jesse and Kristy using all natural light (what little there was. But I shot with the Nikon D700 which is notorious for being its nightstalker capabilities). A small bit of Lightroom post edit and I knew I am on course to be a contender in this contest. I shot this with the Nikon D700, using a 17-35mm f2.8, ISO 1600, at f2.8, hand-held.
So basically I am pondering what it takes as far as location selection goes, as well as team member selection, to put together a winning team, (designer, wardrobe stylist, hair-stylist, model, assistance). The most essential element is the attitude of the photographer. Regardless of how the team is assembled; friends, family or complete strangers; they will feed off and take queues from the photographer. If you are weak at making decisions, then it is best that you utilize or even higher someone with project manager experience to delegate and get the tasks assigned and checked off early. It is very important that the photographer envision the planned shoot, and rally the team to visualize the concept as well.

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