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Friday, January 7, 2011

I started this year off with some amazing shoots. As I stated I wanted to shoot a variety of challenging photographs that will definitely stand out from what and how I normally shoot. You know, getting outside of one's comfort zone. All 3 of the shoots I have done have all been FIRST for one reason or another, and that is a good sign. My first shoot for 2011 began with my amazingly beautiful and obnoxious friend Ms. Jessica Jazzmin. You never know what to expect from Jess, so when she said she was bringing a friend, I just smiled and said "of course". Well it turns out her friend is this amazingly beautiful love at first sight kind of woman with a resume of kick azz, take names list of accomplishments. We will be collaborating on a few projects that I hope to post about soon.

My next shoot happened from a "hello", and turned into one of the coolest and most creative shoots accomplished in a relatively short amount of time. I have always collaborated on and then scheduled to shoot someone. Well my newest friend Tara, started with a hello and the next thing I know, she was driving to meet me at Blue Studio, and we created some very awesome photos.

Lastly, my shoot with a woman who is a celebrity in every true right of the word celebrity. My photo shoot with the opera singer J'nai Bridges. J'nai is one of the sweetest and most humble female entertainers you will ever come across. Not being an opera fan, I didn't know who J'nai Bridges were, when I met her mother by way of another project I was working on, and one of the other women on the board, seemed eager to point that information out to me. I recall how they talked me into having dinner at her mom's house so I could meet J'nai. I could hear her reluctance to want to be introduced formally to someone, and how she thought it was a bad idea and she just wanted to relax at home. The meeting happened anyway, and she turned out to be one of the sweetest and friendliest people I had come across. By end of the night she wanted to shoot together next time she was in town, and last night we made it happen; and it was so much fun, I love the whole aspect of being a photographer because of people just like Ms. Bridges. And as a treat she sang for us at the end of the night and you cannot convince me that all of that came out of this woman who speaks so softly.Opera gained a new fan and I encourage anyone reading this blog to go check out her website ( and listen to this woman sing.

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