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Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Makeup

After a semi long hiatus due to medical reasons, I finally got a chance to pick up my camera again. And believe me when I say this, not shooting for what seemed like an eternity is the equivalent of dead, so I needed something exciting that would breathe life back into my motivation and warm up my skills for my upcoming trip to Bangkok. Came the perfect call at the perfect moment.
Gabby K is a phenomenal newcomer onto the scene, and I love working with her. So much potential with the perfect attitude that she makes everything looks good, flawlessly and effortlessly. I had worked with Gabby for the first time from a past blog, and I recalled she had done an amazing job for a grueling project which took a lot of time and patience. Oddly enough the first thing I could not help but notice when she arrived at my studio and began to unpack were her bright red high heels. I purchased a book: "Success in High Heels" coauthored by my longtime friend; DorothyInez "don't call her Dorothy". So this is a shout out to my pal DorothyInez because my first shoot after a long break, just so happens to follow the whole high heels thing. Go figure.

However, this shoot is not about high heels. Its about makeup, or the lack thereof. I viewed a magazine with an editorial feature with supermodel Naomi Cambell, in which she shot with absolutely no makeup on, making it all about the clothing. So I embarked on that idea with Gabby. I didn't want makeup on her skin, forcing the inner beauty to become the outer beauty. I think Gabby pulled it off perfectly.
 I kept this one very basic using only a gridded 28 inch beautydish and a couple of gridded background lights.
 28 inch silver beauty dish (gridded)
2 gridded background strobes
1 gobo
Camera settings:
Aperture: f/16
Shutter speed: 1/250th
ISO: 320
(lighting contains some post edit adjustment to enhance moodiness of shot)
** color photo in white top included use of ringflash as fill light**