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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Change of Season

Wow. It's been a minute since I have been here. Not that I have burned out; just that I have been just that busy working on a huge project for a super talented designer for her 2011 spring collection, that I just haven't found the time to do my little self projects. Everything was going great, that is, until the rain started. And it kept on coming, and coming, and coming, and before I knew it, the project date was up on us and the rain was still coming and the project was suppose to be shot on location, and suddenly we were ready but the weather wasn't having it. Well, you can only push back so much until there is just no more slack time left and you haven't done anything yet. Except!!! Keep making that project better and better and making sure everything else stays in place. Sounds a lot easier than it really is when you take into account everything else that is coming down the pipes. Thank goodness for certain inspirations because just as I began to get that burnout sensation, I fall back on a few inspirations and suddenly I feel rejuvenated. Tomorrow is the biggest day of this project because one of the new additions is video. And I have just teamed with a BEAST whom I met while assisting on another project which he was filming. I will introduce that party to my blogs after we wrap up the project in the next 6 days, and lock down to get it edited. Well tomorrow is today (for another 30 minutes anyway), and today went incredibly amazing. Phase one of the project is complete and we learned a lot off the curve that should guarantee us a grand slam on the final exam of this project. It's almost impossible to keep this one under wraps because I am so excited to be doing this shoot and film. It just goes to show that the only thing that really limits you ....well, is You. So get out there and start a project that you doubt yourself on, then come back and tell me about it.