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Monday, November 28, 2011

When the light flash move and keep moving.

When I first started trying to shoot fashion something was wrong. My images got better looking, but they didn't look like the images I saw in the fashion magazines. Those images seemed to come alive, with energy and a life of their own. Even the light seemed to still be flashing as I browsed the magazine. I became absorbed with the fact that people liked my images, but inside, I didn't like them because I knew something was always missing. But this was it. I felt energized and ready. Everything on my checklist had a check near it. This was my first shoot since getting tips from the well known beauty and fashion photographer of the stars; Matthew Jordan-Smith during his 3 day workshop. A ton of information that will last a life time... and model Zipporah W. rocked the hell out it. The lighting tips were on point. As I briefed Zipporah about what was about to take place, I could see the diva swelling up in her eyes, and I knew I had the right model on the set. Thank you Creative Live and Mr Jordan-Smith. But this shoot wasn't about copying a style. It was all about creating my own style and putting my signature to it, so when you hear the click and see the lights flash, just enjoy the views on this blog.

How was it done:

Music selection by the model

earplugs for the photographer
A 1 light setup, using the 86 inch Parabolic umbrella about 4 feet in front of model off camera's left at a height of 6 feet.
Lens: 70-200 f2.8
ISO: 250
Shutter speed: 1/125 sec.
Give it a try and see what kind of results you get. (post edit work included some lightroom adjustments using the old polar setting or the color creative CP2 presets, and I tweaked the sharpness in CS5).
Aperture: f 16
So here is the tip I took away from the seminar: I metered my Key light at f 22 instead of f 16, and I periodically checked with the meter to ensure my light stayed balance. Kudos to Ja of Faces by Ja (abbreviation for Jamyrlyn and pronounced Jah). Our first of many many future collaborations. Be sure to swing by her website and tell her that Bluestill sent you.