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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Modifying light beautifully

I was given an unbelievable gift by an exceptional friend who keeps me motivated and shooting. That gift was the long awaited Paul Buff 86 inch Parabolic Light Modifier (PLM). Just the fact that he had waited almost a year to receive it, never got a chance to use it once it arrived, and then to send me a text message that I can have it as a xmas present when he know damn well I don't do the whole holiday thing, makes him a super friend for life and strenghten my belief that friends are more comforting than food.

Secondly, my discovery of this girl; Jaela (aka Queet), with incredibly high cheekbones and such natural movement that I had to shoot her, would be the first person I would use this new gift on. Unknowing other than what I have read on forums about the PLM, I was excited to find out if the rave was going to be an episode of myth buster. Thank you Queet, for being my guinea pig. The results blew me away. I am by far no lighting expert, but I would consider myself a warrior willing to try anything once; twice if I like it. Queet & Lila dreamed up the looks and in I set up and metered the lighting. Deciding I would shoot this PLM at a big number. f16 at a distance of about 10 ft and about 8 ft high. shutter speed of 1/125 and ISO 250 on a Nikon D700 mounted on a tripod with a 7-200 f2.8 lens at about 150 mm with a sliver bounce reflector at about a 20 degree angle about 2 feet away on a table top at the models chin. Now I am sure some some will disagree totally with this setup for one reason or another, but it is what I chose to do; so let it be said. I gave the entire shoot a grade of A+. The PLM is definitely worth the wait. Queet exuberates beauty, even if I am not on my A-game during the shoot, and Lila's makeup talent really brings the results to life.

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