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Monday, February 14, 2011

I had a Blow Out

A blowout on the highway while driving could be a bad thing. However, a blowout anywhere else involving a camera, a light source and a subject, can be quite interesting. I recall listenting to Chase Jarvis during an interview, and he stated that he never deletes anything. The first thing that came to mind was blowouts and underexposed photos. During a photoshoot this weekend, my first click resulted in a very bright picture due to my forgetting to adjust my ISO setting and shutter speed, after shooting some night photography. I opened the photo in Lightroom and brought the exposure down quite a bit. What I saw before my eyes really did not cause me any discomfort. The low shutter speed had aided by giving the photo a bit of motion blur. The over exposure had exaggerated the off white frilly sweater to look like anything but a sweater and blended it with the blown out background which consumed most of the photo except for the darkest of shadow areas. What more, is that the photo now even appears to be taken overlooking a cliffside rather than the rocky edge of the Puget Sound, where it was taken. I would be willing to bet that if I had to use the photo to sell something, the skirt would have definitely made the fashion statement in this shot. I think back to that comment from Mr. Jarvis and only wonder had I not heard it, would I have immediately hit the delete button on my camera right there on the scene and never found out why accidental blowouts are sometimes a good thing.

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