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Monday, February 14, 2011

Creative Advertising

Boy oh boy, this is Valentine night. A night when most people are spending it with someone they love. I'm wierd, I am spending it doing things that I love, so I am posting two blogs instead of my normal one entry. Today I read a blog that was sent to me about being "creative, caring and time to vision to beat a budget". This is my interpretation of that blog. Tonight I recreated my wheel on how I want to advertise. My studio have huge windows on both sides of the building. One of those sides face the freeways running through and pass Downtown Tacoma. I was thinking about the best way I could display my work that will get it a lot of attention and keeping it cost effective. Then it hit me. I decided that I will hook up a laptop to a projector and project my images in a slideshow off those huge windows facing the freeways. After setting it all up and turning on the projector, the view was amazing and breathtaking from the interior side. So I grabbed my umbrella and went out to the backside of the studio to see how it would look if I were driving up that highway "HELLO SWEETHEART', it is totally amazing, secure and cost effective advertising. I wanted to include one of the photos from the backside also but due to the really heavy rainfall, I decided I just didn't want to haul the equipment out into the rain since I have done that already once this weekend. I'm Bluestill, and this is my expression of love on this Valentine night :) Happy V Day everybody driving up or down the I-705 freeway in Tacoma. I still have to tweek a few things and I'll improve it as I go with powerpoint advertisements and short videos and such, but for now. I am loving my budget :)

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