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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Expanding on my blog about blowouts, there will be times when you might wish you had more light. During the same shoot, I had a pocketwizard glitch, resulting in my strobe not firing at all. It resulted in an underexposed photo that was too dark. DO NOT DELETE! You won't be able to save everything, but sometimes what you find in the dark, can be enlightening. I have posted the underexposed photo which I again, in LightRoom 3, increased the exposure, which will result in quite of digital noise ( a compilation of dark spots that resemble droplets or spots all over the photo). This situation is also corrected in LightRoom 3, by reducing the noise, increasing the luminance and tweeking the detail until you have it pleases you. Remember that photography is subjective so as long as you are pleased with your results, there is no right or wrong as to how much or too little you need to do. The main thing is that a photo that you may have deleted could have resulted in beautiful useable photographs used in various ways as I did with this one. Good luck with whatever you decide to do, and keep on clicking. Now that is Bluestilling 101.

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  1. Very good post on how you recaptured an almost lost image.