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Friday, February 17, 2012

Up in Smoke

This was my second shoot with Chayniece J., and she was anxiously wanting to do something soon after her first shoot. Somehow we came up with the idea that we wanted to do something with smoke. This shoot confirmed for me that I have a good understanding of concepts because I had never tried to do a smoke shoot and yet the "how to" was hanging at the front of my brain; I knew exactly what I needed to do to get it. Chay being a big fan of Beyonce and Rhianna, got to hold the reins on styling this one and overall I think she did a pretty darn impressive job with it. As for the concept, I think she got the technique of cigar smoking down too. I am not condoning the use of tobacco but I would admit that Chay certainly makes it look glamourous.

How was it done:

A dark background is really necessary. I am using a dark red seamless paper for one set and black felt material as a backdrop for the second set.

My Lighting:

28 inch Beauty dish (not gridded) on boom high camera left (key light) @ f11

2 gridded (20 degree) strobes on either side focused on red back drop. (no light on the black back drop) f11.7

Small stripbox to models right on black backdrop and first red backdrop. (side light) f5.6gridded snoot on strobe to back light smoke. [back lighting the smoke is really important if you want to make it stand out. If you are not familiar with the term backlighting, it is simply placing the light so that when the strobe fires it will shoot through the smoke into the direction of the camera. It doesn't have to be a lot of light at all. If I recall I was at f5.6 for this backlight.

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