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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Royalty Plus

 Ms. Fralisa McFall and I through my friend DorothyInez. Fralisa was in need of a few headshots and wanted to know how much it would cost her. After a quick price negotiation and some serious football rivalry confrontation, we had struck up a deal and she changed (if only for 24 hours) that ridiculous Black and Silver logo (I won't even say the team name) and sported the phenominal Seahawk banner. On the day of the shoot, she was a nervous wreck, having never gone to a studio for a photo shoot. After a little bit of conversation with my new client, I eased out and let DorothyInez do her thing with her brushes while I tended to the lighting set up. Within a few minutes of shooting Fralisa began to relax and we got some nice shots from the session.

  A few days later, she contacted me again and asked if we could meet to discuss a bigger project. This project brought about some ideas which would bring some changes to my business model. As a result my website will now sport a page directed to a specific audience; the plus size population. Fralisa is the delegate for an upcoming pageant and needed a photographer for her coronation ceremony. I suggested she do more than just shoot her coronation, and she thought about the portrait shoot and asked if that is what I meant? We talked about a few ways of revving up her coming out, and decided to go with a candid lifestyle shoot which we accomplished on a cool brisk gray morning, thankful that the rain stopped long enough for us to get in a very nice session.

 Seeing the results of the photos we decided to go with another session as well to ramp up even more personality and give a public peek into her lifestyle. We decided an indoor shoot at The Lobster Shop at Dash Point  Arrangements were made with the restaurant and we could not have asked for a better lighting for what we needed to capture. Fralisa's FB page had come alive and people were talking about her photos. A very good sign as the day of coronation quickly approached.
 The Royal Day was quickly approaching and things were about to get stirred up. As with many projects, there were a few minor setbacks. Fralisa and her small staff worked right though them without missing a beat. A quick venue change, a few rearrangements here and there, and everything was back on track.
 The Coronation
The evening had finally arrived, and I thought she would be a nervous wreck, considering the woman whom I had first met at the portrait shoot, where I could very easily see the level of discomfort on her face. Not on this evening. Fralisa seemed well rested and rehearsed to her duties for this event. She greeted her well wishers as they came through the doorway, finding time to make small talk with each and everyone of them. Even the children got their chance to talk with the soon to be queen. 

 Past delegates and current title holders all arrived wearing regalia and sashes, and as the evening progressed, I found myself feeling like I had attended the Inaugural Ball Ceremony which was actually still days away. None the less, Ms Fralisa McFall had been transformed from owner and principal of the small private Imagination School in Tacoma, into Ms Western Washington Woman American Beauties Plus delegate. As a photo artist I look forward to creating photographs for this organization.


  1. Love this, so well-done and professional. Wishing Fralisa a year of wonderful things.

    Queen Mum

    1. Thank you very much Ms Howell. I am familiar with your name after a little research so I recognized you immediately from your comment and I agree with you 100%. It was an amazing journey learning and working with Fralisa. I warmly await the opportunity to work with more of the delegates from your organization if Fralisa serves as an example of their caliber.

  2. Thank you Bluestill for the compliments. Their amazing woman and yes, the other ladies from all over are also. Hope you check out our website and FAN page on FB, you will see what these ladies are doing. Very proud of all my queens!

  3. Please email me a link to: would love to have a look :-)