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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Black Peace Now in the land of The Rising Sun

What is Black Peace Now all about? It is actually a brand name An amazing and artistic idea brought on by a really great crew to work with, inspired by the opportunity for some published work. I think we succeeded in showing the diversity of the brand wear, to include the not so black pieces. Long, short, pant, goth or just plain cute. Black Peace Now is a well known gothic crossover clothing line started in 2001 in the Shibuya area of Tokyo, Japan. Successful, it now seems that Black Peace Now can be found in several locations as well as online. The main store is located in Shibuya's Mauri One building: 151-0062 Japan Former Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 33-8 Kimati Motoyoyogi Sansanbiru 1F 03-5452-8077

Upon seeing the clothing I decided that I wanted to try out the technique of having the clothing disintegrate. The process is actually a lot of steps, and I found a few of them on You Tube under photo disintegration. Typically I supply a lot of information about how I did the shots and what equipment I used. For this particular shoot, being overseas, I had to do a lot of improvising. I could only rely on the Nikon SB900 as a light source for location shots, and for everything else I used layers in post processing to get my lighting where I needed it. However I do not wish to short anyone who follow my lighting methods, so if you want to know how any one of these shots were lit, shoot me an email at with the subject line: How was it lit, with the picture number selected (1-5) and I will reply with that information and perhaps update this blog with the information

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