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Monday, January 23, 2012

My amazing muse UnZipped.

" Having a muse to work with is like flying with a co-pilot. Any lighting schemes I am going to shoot have already been tested, any new look, I am going for, have already been tried, any sandwich on my plate, already have the grey poupon on it. My muse is the amazing Zipporah; Zip for short, and this is her unplugged, or shall I say Unzipped. No script, no rehearsal, just straight in the door and doing it her way." - Bluestill

Zipporah, and I got together to test out some light schemes, timing, and a few looks. Z asked me what should wardrobe be? I told her to just make it something fun and quick, because we had gone on a little shopping excursion a few weeks back, and this was a good time to see what we could do with it, however I didn't want to tie up her weekend night for too long. Of course Z arrived to the studio in muse mode, you know, not really sure what the look is going to be until she got completely dressed. Without my having to utter a word, once Z stepped on the seamless paper, she really get into character, and it's almost as if she is an entirely different person with each pose. This was suppose to just be a fun shoot but Z really gave some top grade poses and looks. I was expecting goofy but she reenforced my impression that she can do almost anything she puts her mind to. Here is what's so amazing about her; is that she is really shy in her own kind of way, and we'll go back and forth about an idea, but once she say "okay, let's do it", it is done and done very well. Then she slip back into her Zipporah mode, make a phone call "I'm done" and she's out the door, yelling on her way out "Love you Blue times a million". How is that for efficient? So Z this one is for you "Luv times one million".
How was it done:
This is a 3 light setup:
1 24x30 soft box for main light (high camera left)
1 silver bounce umbrella for side lighting (model left 3/4 meter reading: f11.7)
1 shoot through white umbrella model right aimed at backdrop meter reading: f11.7)
Camera settings:
aperture- f11
Shutter speed- 1/125th sec
ISO- 200
85 mm f 1.4
I love my prime lenses when doing
PROFILE PHOTOS were shot at F9
70-200 f2.8 everything else the same.

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