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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The most disciplined beating you will ever take

I met a very wonderful family. I mean that literally. I was meeting up with a young teenage model and her mom's name just happen to actually be "Wonderful". And trust me when I say this "it is in the gene pool" and so contagious that it rubbed off on dad, who is no easy pushover let me tell you. You see Robert Morrison owns and run a couple of dojos. Some of you might already know what I am talking about, however, for those of you who need that translated a dojo is the place where martial arts is taught. I won't go too much into his story, but I hope this blog encourage local residents to stop by and visit and all others to check out the family business website: I guess it would also be cliche if I said not only a wonderful family but also a very very beautiful family, but they are. At this model meet & greet, I handed the mom one of my business cards because she blended in so well with the beautiful models in the room, and her almost 6 ft, perfect symmetry framed young teenage daughter could have easily passed for an 18 or 19 year old. The dojo happen to be next door to the Stan Parente Salon in Maple Valley, Washington, where I was meeting these models whom I would be shooting for a hairshow being hosted on December 14, 2011 at 6:30-8:30 PM at Ristrettos Coffee & Wine House. 27203 216th Ave SE Suite F, Maple Valley, Washington 98038 by the Salon owner, Stan Parente If you are in the area please do drop in and check out the show, and definitely read my next blog because that is what it will be based on; the show itself. Now back to disciplined beatings :-)

So my new friends, the Morrisons invited me to an Exhibition show that his school was hosting. The show was very spectacular. The kids were unbelievably disciplined and very well trained, and by the time it was over, every spectator had learned that martial arts is more about being discipline and exercise that leads to a healthy lifestyle as a whole than it is about fighting. But as the title of this blog suggest, I am quite sure that should someone as skilled as these young black belts and climbing can assure you, if they ever needed to defend themselves, I am quite sure it will be a very well disciplined beating.

How was it done:

Technically, I wanted to capture a lot of movement and there was somewhat decent light, so I didnt use any flash whatsoever for the event. Criticizing my own work, I perhaps could have captured some of the intense moments with a bit more sharpness, but I got so wrapped up in this show, it was hard to stop watching and change my settings. I already knew in my head that I would do a lot of layering in photoshop to create the distance of travel in the shots and it was my fortunes that the photography gods were on my side because the backdrop curtains were pitch black which made it so much easier for me to layer the photos and remove a lot of the guess work on how to make sure the backgrounds stayed lined up in post edit work. I shot this event using the following settings:

ISO: 800-1000

Shutter Speed: 80-125

Aprature: f2.8-f4

Primary lenses used:

85. f1.4

70-200 f2.8

17-35 f2.8

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