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Monday, August 1, 2011

High Fashion at a young age

I would like to think that I discovered her, but the truth of the matter is that I didn't. I am the third photographer she has shot with this year. At least that put me in the top 3 right? What I can take ownership of is that I have a lot of aspirations for this one. 5'9" tall with the glide of a gazelle when she walks, Chanel Milan B. is her name. I won't use her last name because she is a minor with a former Fashion Week mom name Belle who is extremely protective of her cub. And that is how it ought to be. Chanel's mom used her clout to get her daughter a fresh start in Seattle Fashion Week, and from what I saw with my own eyes, it is undoubtly in the bloodline. It was her fresh young look that bought her clout with Bluestill Photography. Enough clout that I took her name to "the family" for their opinions. It was worth the gamble. Chanel hit her mark on first poses, and flowed into the next one with precision and fluidity. For the first time, I wish I could have been in the audience watching this event occur rather than being stuck behind a small black box, peering through a smaller hole to see what was going on. But you know what? My view gave me a much better up close and personal view of a young model's aspiration for this industry. So what is this blog about? This blog is an attempt to over expose this young model until she lands in the right hands. This blog is the very beginning of The Chanel Milan B campaign which started with a meeting, a test shot, a little skin care treatment and grew into this fierce tiger you are now viewing. A venture worth investing in. There are a very few select who are fortunate enough to be spotted in a crowd and find themselves living the dream. For everyone else it takes work. Networking, self promoting, and finding the ideal teams to become a part of. I am eager to see how Chanel navigate her modeling career. The entire crew I call "the family" all agreed that this shoot was what a test shoot was all about, and young Chanel Milan B made the grade. But on a personal level, I learned through this project what passion is all about, and just how much I really love doing what I am doing. I think for the rest of this month I am going to give $10 off of all of my work (hehehehehe).

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