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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tacoma Fashion quickly becomes a standard and proves it is more than just a show

I was first approached about this fashion show months ago during its early planning stage. It sounded complicated, it sounded like a lot of work, it sounded like the Seahawks winning the Superbowl might be somewhat easier. Trust me when I say this, winning the bowl would have been less complicated from the ground work of this show. You see, this wasn't just going to be one of those typical shows you can find on any given night in Seattle. These ladies were not playing around. More intricate than the plans that took Osama Bin Laden out of the game is what was in stored. And by sheer coincident, it would be happening on one of the biggest nights for Seattle's Fashion Week. What Chelsia, Elizabeth, Julia, and Tina (names strategically placed in alphabetical order) had planned out would seem virtually impossible to pull off. I mean considering the logistics of venue location, catering, sponsoring and the ugly C word; cost, would either have them standing in bankruptcy court or quickly promoted to 4 star generals. Well, I must say, these ladies earned their stars on this night. I will speculate that there may have been a little bullying and throwing some weight around, but let's face it, "Donald Trump didn't get to where he is in the real estate world without utilizing these very tactics", and besides, the world of fashion is no place for the weak hearted anyway. "Feelings are bound to get hurt so be tough skinned". Sparing you all of the boardroom conversation and fast-forwarding to event night, the stage was set. The models looked more than divined and seasoned for the show. The wardrobe consisted of four different genres of fashion. Which is one of the reasons I stated that this was going to be tough, because each genre had a very strong and pronounced personality that weren't about to bow down to the other. Chelsia Design is a signature all its own for the confident woman who didn't need the flash and flair of the couture world to hit its mark. Chelsia designs simply allowed you to be you as an individual for whatever it is you do. Elizabeth's Anew Thyme target audience is expecting mothers. Stylish, gently worn maternity clothing and hand crafted baby items made being pregnant, comfortable on the woman and the wallet. Julia's A Little Touch of Magick (ALTOM) screams dark, gothic, chic, and outspoken. Her audience is all over the map from highschool rebel to the sophisticated and elegant "say what's on your mind" mature. Her collection has no age limit or limit of any kind for that matter. Last but not least is Tina's London Couture Vintage. Top fashion at its finest hour. from the blast from the past in vintage high fashion, to the latest chic in juicy couture fashion seen today. Elegant and classy, and nothing less of dripping and draping of fabulous fashions from places we can only dream of one day visiting. London Couture. Sequined glamour, and little black evening dresses served up daily.
The Show
The show's emcee was none other than the popularly known Taylor London Couture. Trust me, describing Taylor's accomplishment is a blog all itself, and I look forward to covering an event that will involve Miss Taylor London Couture so that I can elaborate on these accomplishments, but for now we are going to stick to the show. Fantastic hosting, gift bags and red carpet greeted the guest at the entrance, gorgeous birds on a wire hanging out in gigantic cages, and catered food with select wines, awaited the guest. The D.J. was spinning the hits, the crowd was ecstatic, and the it was show time. There were dancers strutting their peacock feathers and belly dancers winding, twisting and snaking their way across the entertainment portion of the show. Followed or proceeded by raffles of fabulously expensive giveaways. If you don't have one of those chic iPads yet because of your budget, this was the night to spend a few bucks and win one. This show lived up to the hype and excitement of what fashion show networking is all about. No one left disappointed and their were bids and offers for the clothing right off the models back before they cleared the runway. Yes indeed. I called this night "the greatest show on earth".
The models
What I wont' do is attempt to name each and every model in this show out of fear of leaving someone out or misspelling a name. What I will do is say that the models earned their keep and did a super great job of keeping the crowd aroused in excitement, and beautifully displaying the garments while entertaining the pool of photographers eagerly awaiting that signature pose that would give him/her bragging rights. And you know what. I think I got each of them. Kudos to each and every model that graced the catwalk that night. And for the record: "The baby bump in the photo is not real.
The Photographers
This is my favorite part. By now each of you know how much I love photography. I would give up my first born for a lens cap. Now that is true love LOL. It always feels good to be entrenched with familiar faces and newcomers attempting to step up their game in fashion photography. With all the hustle and bustle, photography etiquette is at its finest hour in the photographer's pit. That is not to say that nobody got in anyone's way; it's just to say that no fight broke out in the pit. And me, I'm still Bluestilling 101. Chopping it up with the old timers and the newcomers. Always willing to listen to a new idea and share a thought. Oh yeah, and snap photos for my clients.

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